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For the first time in history, actual proof that online poker is rigged. You won't find this proof anywhere else.

Masters Visual Roulette Demonstration. Earlier predictions possible live casino demo Notice the predictions are never more than half a wheel away from where the ball is video roulette rigged the track. This illustrates the consistency and accuracy of the predictions didn't just happened by chance which can not be demonstrated by systems that do not depend on real skill. This is how our real skill roulette system can be validated and authenticated. It is a demonstration of how effective our methods are in assessing the movement of the ball to determine the outcome of a spin.

Our visual system do not only rely on consistent spins to predict accurately. First a short introduction. Our complete system is brought to you by Is video roulette rigged online casino is our chief demonstrator. He will provide you with the complete low-down and take you through a demonstration of some of the visual skills involved in the prediction process of our system.

Those of you who are already familiar with the subject of visual roulette will probably be aware information on this subject have been brought to the public domain before. Our aim is to equip you with probably the most comprehensive and advanced winning visual roulette system on the market today to help you achieve complete wheel domination. You may not need to acquire another visual roulette system once you have acquired ours.

Those of you who are new to this subject, we hope with the information we have provided on is video roulette rigged website will convince you our visual roulette system is a realistic method to beat roulette.

The majority of systems on the market today can be said are based on some sort of stacking system a progression system. With our latest visual roulette skills, we should be able is video roulette rigged demonstrate and make you realize this aspect of the game can click at this page explained by physics and mathematics to be an entirely feasible method of obtaining a long term edge in the game of roulette.

During a typical roulette spin, you will have the ball in the wheel moving in one direction while the rotor the moving part of the wheel with the numbers on it moving in the opposite direction. This is shown in the picture below: The picture above is free slots 3d from a still frame video clip showing a particular moment of the spin.

The ball is moving in a clockwise direction while the rotor is moving in the opposite direction anti clockwise. The science behind our system is simple.

In almost every roulette spin at the moment the ball loses enough of its momentum and falls off the track: Similarly to a spinning top in motion, at is video roulette rigged moment a spinning top begins to lose its spinning momentum and becomes unstable and starts to 'wobble', the spinning top should be spinning at a similar speed and should be carrying an almost identical amount is video roulette rigged momentum at the is video roulette rigged the 'wobble' occurs in every spin.

Therefore through our understanding of basic physics and studies of trials from the same spinning top, we should be able to roughly predict with some consistency, the length of time the spinning top will continue to spin before it comes to a rest from the moment the 'wobble' is detected in every spin. Since we know is video roulette rigged roulette ball the object will be carrying an almost identical amount of momentum and speed as it exits the track in every roulette spin, the same principles of motion should also apply to the ball as it exits the track.

Electronic betting terminals are touch bet betting terminals that are directly linked to live roulette wheels spun by real dealers mostly found in land based casinos.

The technology check this out been around for some time. The purpose the technology serves is it allows punters to wager on wheels spun by real dealers away from the tables.

On theses betting terminals punters are allowed to place bets before and during the spin of the wheel. This is achieved by a sensor situated inside the track is video roulette rigged the roulette wheel is video roulette rigged has the ability to the read the speed of the ball during the spin.

However, when a casino staff member makes the mistake of replacing the a lighter ball with a heavier ball without readjusting the NMB announcement on the terminals to adapt to the new heavier ball. Is video roulette rigged those rare occasions, punters have found they were able to place bets on their terminals up to the moment the ball falls off the track see picture below.

The reason why this can happen is because. The graph below shows the spin duration times of two different types of ball one heavy one light ball thrown at the same is video roulette rigged. We know t he 'ball speed' the sensor detects during a spin programmed for the lighter ball triggers banks gambling canadian online NMB announcement to come on 5 secs before the end of every spin with the lighter ball.

But if the sensor detects the same ball speed during a spin with the heavier ball in the wheel, it will trigger the NMB announcement to come deposit awal 100 bonus after the check this out exits the track during every spin instead.

This means no matter how soft or hard both balls are thrown, the same situation will occur and repeat itself in every spin shown in the graph above. Now, just imagine if you can recreate the same situation without having to wait for is video roulette rigged casino staff member to make such a rare mistake of replacing the wrong type of ball in their wheels.

You can create the same situation by using our visual roulette system to predict, in advance, where on the rotor the ball will exit the track. And take advantage of the opportunity you create to gain an advantage. And more importantly you will learn to recognize the right type of conditions ball spin to play to achieve the most consistent is video roulette rigged. Can we win every spin?

Again we aim to predict the ball will land in the section of the wheel from the In the next video we will demonstrate one of our visual skills in the prediction procedure we use to obtain the predictions is video roulette rigged our previous two videos were not obtained by chance from multiple attempts but by is video roulette rigged application of true skill.

Only when we can identify a particular revolution of ball in a spin, will we be able to predict 'where on the rotor the ball will exit the track' or 'which number' on the rotor the ball will exit the track. We have chosen to predict the ball is video roulette rigged It is possible to predict up to 9 revs or more before the end of every spin.

The video shows we were able to predict a particularly revolution of the ball in any spin, this meant we were able to pin point is video roulette rigged specific stage of the ball's journey during a spin by visual assessment. With this ability, we only need to repeat the same visual assessment process during any spin to tackle any dealer to obtain the information we want.

This should rule out our predictions obtained on all our other videos were derived from a dealer signature pattern of results created by the same person spinning the ball. So it really doesn't matter who is spinning the ball, with our visual roulette system, is video roulette rigged should be able to pin point a specific stage of the ball's journey in any spin, spun by any dealer and on any wheel and ball combination to obtain the final prediction with genuine true skill.

Providing we know the distance the ball covers in one revolution of the wheel, we should be able to calculate the remaining distance the ball has left to travel before it reaches the end of the spin before the ball exits the track from the same revolution of ball we identify in every spin.

The illustration above depicts the entire journey of the ball of a whole spin. If we can identify the same 5th ball revolution before the end of the spin in every spin on the same wheel, we would be able to calculate from the 5th revolution to the end of every spin we identify, the ball will have precisely 35 ft remaining to travel before it reaches the end of every spin on the same wheel. This explains why identifying a particular revolution is video roulette rigged a spin is important in the prediction process.

Our mini charts have also taken that factor into the equation to ensure the accuracy of your predictions are maintained. We pay more attention to the vertical pins because the way the vertical pins are positioned in wheels offers more surface area for the ball to hit. Most of the time the ball strike a vertical pin as it exits the track.

If the ball is video roulette rigged article source on 1 pin on a wheel most of the time, the ball will likely to exit the track and strike the same pin most of the time on that wheel, then that wheel will have a single drop off area and will make the calculations of how far the ball is video roulette rigged left to travel from a certain ball revolution identified to the end of a spin more straight forward.

If the ball lands on 2 pins on a wheel most of the time, that wheel will 2 drop off areas and miscalculations can be the distance 9 numbers of the two drop off areas unless our methods are used to maintain prediction accuracy. If the ball lands on 3 pins on a wheel most of the time, t h at wheel will have 3 drop off areas.

To maintain prediction accuracy our system will take into account of the level of t he bias is video roulette rigged any wheel in term s of which pins the ball lands on more frequently and how ma ny d rop off areas a wheel Our system includes the 1 pin game up to and including a level wheel g ame where the ball lands on all pins evenly to co pe with all levels of bias wheels.

This means players will no longer be restricted to only betting on slow rotor speeds in the captain online casino jack pin game. This should give the player complete wheel domination in the 2 pin game. A one pin bias wheel is where the ball lands on the same pin on the wheel most of the time. Besides our system's capability to beat pin source wheels, in addition our system cover methods is video roulette rigged of beating LEVEL wheels.

This will give players complete wheel domination. This means you can now acquire a long term winning margin on all levels of bias wheels including non bias wheels. Our level wheel game is also applicable on bias wheels. View classic mode for best experience.

Click on the link below to view our privacy policy. Above is a live demo inside a real casino on a modern casino wheel spun by a real dealer. We are the source team who are capable of showing our system's effectiveness inside a real casino environment.

Note both my hands are occupied, my left hand is holding a camera the other a pen, I do not have another hand to operate another device, this is truly a true skill roulette system. In demo I am performing the accuracy test to prove the results in this video didn't just happen by chance.

If they do, you will be none the wiser. In our deposit 10 bonus no video below I used the same techniques as in the video above to predict actual winners, again on a casino wheel. This time on a modern auto wheel.

Proof That Online Poker Is Rigged!

Sure a cheating roulette strategy can make things easier for you, but it should never be attempted unless the predictive methods are legal where you play. In just about every case, illegal cheating is when you actually affect the outcome of spins. This is simply tampering with the wheel. There are many ways it can be done. For example, on some wheels you can loosen the frets pocket separators on closed tables when no-one is looking.

Generally big bingo deposit bonuses, wheel gaffing is done by crooked casino staff who want to make winning easy for their associates. If a casino employee has good is video roulette rigged to a wheel, they may also slightly bend or warp the wheel rotor shaft. If the wheel has a common drop point if the wheel is tiltedthis would mean particular numbers on is video roulette rigged wheel rotor will be under the common ball drop point more frequently than others.

This in turn would mean the ball would come to rest in a particular area of the wheel more than any other. With the seemingly unpredictable bounce of a roulette ball, it can often appear as though the ball has a magnet in it. Do casinos cheat and rig their wheels? Very, very rarely — it only ever occurs in locations where gambling is not a regulated industry, at unlicensed casinos where there is no gaming licence to lose, or in high stakes private games where one spin can earn or lose a casino millions.

There was one particular incident where a ball with an internal magnet was used to cheat a casino. The players were able to direct the ball to areas where their bets were made.

The scam was eventually discovered, and left the city reviews online party casino perplexed as to is video roulette rigged they had swapped the original ball with a magnetised ball. In such a case I believe it would be reasonable to assume crooked casino staff played a part in exchange for part of the winnings.

In some click, leaning against the table or wheel can lower one half of the is video roulette rigged, making the ball tend to fall at one point more than any other.

This is what you would call a heavily tilted wheel. As you would already know approximately where the ball would fall from the ball track, it would then only be a matter of knowing the wheel orientation at the time the ball fell.

This kind of cheating method is very rare nowadays as modern casinos usually strictly prohibit leaning on or around the wheel, and is video roulette rigged wheels are protected by Perspex.

Casinos staff who have easy access to wheels can spray or paint virtually invisible is video roulette rigged or plastics on the pocket surfaces. Other Methods to Cheat at Roulette illegal The following methods are largely illegal and should not be used in the casino environment.

Magnets in the Ball: Deadening of Pocket Surface:

Caught online Casino roulette cheat !!! SCAM ALERT !! Please SHARE !

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